VAT Exemption

VAT Exemption – Contact us for Verification

Some organisations and individuals do not have to Pay the UK VAT on their purchases within our store.

For VAT Exempt Companies inside the UK (medical research etc.):

Please create an account as normal then email us with all your company details. You should have VAT exemption certificate which we would need to see (email attachment is fine). Remember to let us know the email address you associated with your account if different from your main one.

Email this information to . We will confirm your exemption status and ensure you do not see any VAT added to your Purchases now and into the future.

Individuals or Companies outside the European Union (EU):

You will see that UK VAT is not added to your basket upon checkout- this is all done automatically.

For VAT Registered Companies inside the EU (not UK):

When creating an account on our store if you enter a Valid VAT number for your company and billing address the VAT will automatically be removed from your basket.

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