Workshop Tools

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Workshop and Laboratory Tools

Our range of tools consists of an extensive catalogue of both consumables and development tools. Here you can find all the essentials that your workshop needs to begin creating new projects – from multimeters, to soldering irons and ESD tools. Huge stock and same day shipping!

Need help?

If you’ve got yourself a new set of toys but you don’t know how to use them yet or what project to start with, fear no longer! For beginners we recommend our learn to solder course. Proto-Pic also have a dedicated tech team with many years of experience in programming and building STEM projects that are ready to assist you.

If you’re looking more for inspiration than help check out our YouTube Channel and Blog which have lots of cool project ideas that you could try. A firm favourite is the automatic plant watering system which we use in all of office plants. Or why not create a realistic flame to use in your next halloween pumpkin?

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