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Free Proto-PIC Technical Support is provided as part of our service for all products purchased from us, here at Proto-PIC. As one of the most well-known manufacturers in electronics, we can only afford the highest quality standards. Proto-PIC believes in always providing quality to our customers. We are constantly striving to be one step ahead in STEM education. We are determined to develop a sense of what will matter tomorrow today. Together with the education industry, we work closely with educators. Working collaboratively, we get new ideas off the ground and turn visions into reality.Free Proto-PIC technical support

Contact Free Proto-PIC Technical Support

At Proto-PIC, we have skilled personel on site with a love of electronics. We pride ourselves on our ability to help you through the decision on which product to buy.

After the point of sale, if you need any further information from us, please do not hesitate to contact our Technical Support Hotline at +44 (0)1592 572094 or email on

If your query is complex, email is always the best way – to give us time to get our heads around the problem. We will get back to you as soon as possible. But feel free to follow up by calling us our Technical Support hotline.

Our customers are at the heart of our mission, so your continued satisfaction is important to us. We support all products purchased from us, here at Proto-PIC. Our technical service team are happy to give advice for free – as part of the Proto-PIC service!

Whether you are looking for Raspberry PI accessories, BBC Microbit components or electronic kits, we promise to give you the highest standards in manufacturing and customer service. Speak to our friendly and helpful team today and find out why Proto-PIC is a driving force in STEM education and the electronics industry today.

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