12V Vacuum Pump, ideal for Robotics!

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Brand: SparkFun
Manufacturer: Airpon
Part Number: ROB-10398
Barcode: 5055421005542
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12V Vacuum Pump, ideal for robotics! – Sparkfun ROB-10398

This vacuum pump operates at 12V  and has enough suction for most small projects. This pump is also perfect for your robotics projects – use it to make an automatic Lego picker-upper, like the one we are trying to make right now!

We love this 12v Vacuum Pump because of its reliability, This is why we’ve used it in lots of projects from covering Richard in blue dyed water to automatic resistor cutters!

It’s quite loud during operation (see the videos below for an indication) but it does such a great job we can forgive it!

Make sure to connect the pump correctly, the red dot on the side of the pump shows the location of the positive terminal.

Connecting it up!

You’ll also need a decent 1A minimum 12V supply to drive this pump which you can connect to in a couple of ways:

  1. If you don’t mind losing the male barrel connector, simply chop it off using a pair of cutters, separate the two wires and remove some of the insulation plastic using some wire strippers.
  2. Alternatively, if you want to keep that male barrel connector intact, simply pick up one of our female barrel connectors with screw terminals, then you can plug this supply in, and using some red and black hookup wire to connect to the rest of your project

Check out our excellent 12V vacuum pump videos below for more details.


  • Part No.: D2028
  • Free Flow Range: 12 ~ 15LPM
  • Vacuum Range: 0 – 16″Hg (>350mmHg)
  • Pressure Range: 0 – 32PSI (-70KPA ~ -220KPA)
  • Standard Motor Voltage Options: 12V DC
  • Power: 12W
  • Motor Construction: Iron Core-Oil Bearing
  • Diaphram Material Option: EPDM
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0 ~ 50°C
  • Life Expectancy: 500hrs
  • Noise: 65db


PPROB-10398 12V Vacuum Pump dimensions

12V Vacuum Pump Demonstration Video:

But can it pump water??? Sure thing, check this video out:

Additional Information:

We sell this item on our ebay shop too!

20 reviews for 12V Vacuum Pump, ideal for Robotics!

  1. Richard McWilliam

    Very loud! but provides reasonable vacuum

  2. Martin Holmes

    As other reviewers have stated, this can be used for years when combined with filtration on the air inlet side

  3. Lesley Martin

    would be nice if it came with tubing attached as it is difficult to get on

  4. Simon Gregg

    used it to great effect to drive mechanical items on model railway

  5. Paul Hobb

    Very well packed and sucks better than expected

  6. Bob Todd

    Great little pump. Ear defenders aren’t required, but it is a little louder than expected! Does the job nicely though

  7. Nigel Amey

    very good quality and works well


  8. Richard Hagger

    arrived today . Works well & is ideal for what I require it to do .Excellent value.

  9. Geoff Shirtliff

    Have left a review before as have been buying these for some years now have proved totally reliable in service as long as a good filter is fitted on the suction side otherwise they will clog with particles and stop working motor seems bullet proof have not had any burn out and I am using about 20 of them

  10. Simon Greer

    Bench tested and does what it says on the tin. Hope to fit in situ shortly to lift residual water fom base plate on boat after bilge done its job.

  11. Andrew Hill

    Vacuum pump is very powerful with a single pump pulling 21.5 in.hg& 26.5 inch.hg using two pumps in series.

  12. William White

    I used this to build a desoldering station. It works well and is less noisy than I expected.

  13. Roger

    This little pump for the price is excellent, it’s pretty loud but does what I want it to do, namely suck for my robot.

  14. Gary

    Great little pump that is surprisingly powerful for its size. Excellent.

  15. Geoff

    This is the second review I have written on this product having just ordered 7 more I must be fairly satisfied with them we have quite a few in operation now and reliability seems good and they are quite powerful for there size although I have to double t

  16. Joseph

    Works very well. As you have shown in your demonstration.

  17. Jon Russel

    The pump works great. But I was surprised to find it have no way of securely mounting it to anything ? There are no mounting holes in the pump base.

  18. Andy

    From the video, once the motor is turned off the vacuum falls away pretty quickly. This is in contrast to a fridge pump say. Problem is that to use this for vacuum bagging then the motor will get hot and use a lot of power. This could be solved by introdu

  19. Bob B.

    Hi Geoff,Did you manage to complete your testing of this vacuum pump ?

  20. Geoff

    Seems to work well but have more extensive testing to do as to time it takes to create a vacumn and the work needed to hold it needs to be accessed.

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