50V Electrolytic Capacitors – 100uF to 1000uF

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An electrolytic capacitor is a polarized capacitor only for use in DC circuits which uses an electrolyte to enable a larger capacitance than other capacitor variants. Polarized means the voltage on your positive terminal must always be higher than the negative terminal voltage.

This range of 50V Electrolytic Capacitors includes capacitance values from as low as 100uF all the way up to 1000uF. We don’t want to dictate your shopping basket with assorted packs (That’s how you get a messy workbench!), pick any value and quantity you require to get your project from zero to hero!

Looking for something else? We have a huge range of Capacitors on offer to fit any requirement.


Voltage 50 V dc
Mounting Type Through Hole
Technology Electrolytic
Minimum Operating Temperature -40°C
Maximum Operating Temperature +105°C
Series FR Radial
Tolerance ±20%
Capacitance Dependent on Part Number

Electrolytic Capacitor Documents


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