9-DOF Orientation IMU Fusion Breakout, BNO085 – STEMMA QT (4754)

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9-DOF Orientation IMU Fusion Breakout, BNO085 – STEMMA QT / Qwiic – Adafruit 4754

Here it is, the motion sensor you were looking for: the one that just gives you the directly usable information without requiring you to first consult with a PhD to learn the arcane arts of Sensor Fusion. The BNO085 takes the life’s work of multiple people who have spent their entire career focused on how to get useful information from direct motion sensor measurements and then squeezes that information down into a 5.2×3.8mm box, along with the sensors to go along with it.

Please note, the BNO085 is the ‘upgrade fix’ to BNO080 – it is completely back-compatible with the BNO-080 and, in addition, fixes an SPI timeout bug that made SPI difficult to use. The ‘085 is the same price and you can use any existing ‘080 code so we are only going to carry the ‘085!

The BNO085 by the motion-sensing experts at CEVA Hillcrest Laboratories takes the familiar 3-axis accelerometers, gyroscopes, and magnetometers and packages then alongside an Arm Cortex M0 processor running CEVA’s SH-2 firmware that handles the work of reading the sensors, fusing the measurements into data that you can use directly, and packaging that data and delivering it to you. If the name and description of the BNO085 sound strikingly similar to those of the BNO055 by Bosch Sensortec, there is a good reason why: they’re the same thing, but also they’re not. Thanks to a unique agreement between Bosch and CEGA, the BNO085 uses the same hardware as the BNO055 but very different firmware running on it.

“How different?” you might ask. Well my friend, pull up a chair and grab a box of popcorn because it’s quite a list. First lets list the similarities. The BNO055 and BNO085 can both deliver the following types of sensor data and sensor fusion products:

  • Acceleration Vector / Accelerometer
    Three axes of acceleration (gravity + linear motion) in m/s^2
  • Angular Velocity Vector / Gyro
    Three axes of ‘rotation speed’ in rad/s
  • Magnetic Field Strength Vector / Magnetometer
    Three axes of magnetic field sensing in micro Tesla (uT)
  • Linear Acceleration Vector
    Three axes of linear acceleration data (acceleration minus gravity) in m/s^2
  • Gravity Vector
    Three axes of gravitational acceleration (minus any movement) in m/s^2
  • Absolute Orientation/  Rotation Vector
    Four-point quaternion output for accurate data manipulation

Thanks to the sensor fusion and signal processing wizards from CEVA, with the BNO085 you also get:

  • Application Optimized Rotation Vectors
    For AR/VR, low latency, and low power consumption
  • Additional Base Sensor Reports
    Separate and simultaneous outputs of Calibrated, Uncalibrated + Correction, and Raw ADC outputs for the Accelerometer, Gyro, and Magnetometer
  • Detection and Classification reports:
    • Stability Detection and Classification
    • Significant Motion Detector
    • Tap, Step, and Shake Detectors
    • Activity Classification

As if the above wasn’t enough, the BNO085 also provides an impressive suite of detection and classification products by further analyzing the measured motion:

  • Stability Detection and Classification
  • Tap Detector
  • Step Detector
  • Step Counter
  • Activity Classification
  • Significant Motion Detector
  • Shake Detector

Adafruit 9-dof orientation Datasheet

Adafruit 9-DOF 4754 Dimensions:

  • Length: 25.6mm (1″)
  • Width: 22.7mm (0.9″)
  • Height: 4.6mm (0.2″)
  • Weight: 2.5g / 0.1oz


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