Adhesive Aluminum Heatsinks For Raspberry Pi

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These Adhesive Aluminum Heatsinks have been designed specifically with the Raspberry Pi 4B in mind. The 4 included heatsink units are sized perfectly for the chip modules of the Pi however they can be used for any  similar sized chip or applicable application!

Heat management and mitigation is an integral part of electronics. With these heatsinks you can easily (and cheaply!) keep your board as cool as a cucumber which will in turn reduce the risk of hardware failures due to overheating!


Adhesive Aluminum Heatsink Install Instructions:

  1. Ensure the chip modules are free from any dirt,dust or debris
  2. Peel the protective liner from the base of the heatsink
  3. Affix the heatsinks atop the chip modules and apply slight pressure
  4. Profit.


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