DSO Nano v3 Digital Storage Oscilloscope

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DSO Nano v3 oscilloscope is manufactured by Seeed Studio. Oscilloscopes (also known as a scope, CRO, DSO, o-scope or oscillograph) measure electronic signals. If you want to analyse information such as noise, amplitude and frequency, this is a useful tool to use. If you’re an electronic engineer or tester, then the V3 oscilloscope is a useful addition for your toolbox. It is a useful test instrument for electronics manufacture, testing, servicing and repair. Schools recommend this scope, as it is ideal for beginners. It is easy to use without the complications of a more complex bench top scope. However, it is still useful for more experienced electricians, as a handy travel scope for field work.

DSO Nano v3 Digital Storage Oscilloscope Features

This is a fantastic piece of portable equipment. Great value, super quality and very easy to operate. Lightweight and compact, weighing only 76 grams and measures 95mm x 62mm x 13mm. The waveform of electronic signals are displayed by the DSO Nano on its bright 2.8 inch TFT LCD colour display. With a resolution of 320 x 240, it has 6 triggering modes. You can analyse the signals up to 200kHZ. The oscilloscope has a built-in signal generator, complete measurement markers and signal characteristics.

Rechargeable with USB, it has a built-in lithium polymer battery. There’s no requirement for a separate SD card because this model has inbuilt 2MB flash memory and playback. Improved on previous versions, this oscilloscope has a black metal shell that provides much greater protection and durability. Previously it had a plastic white shell. This v3 oscilloscope also uses new, upgraded firmware via virtual disk. Therefore, it is easier to operate with a user-friendly interface.

The DSO Nano v3 contains a metal stand, screw and probe cable.

You can download the DSO Nano manual here and watch the useful video below:


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