Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino

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The Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino is one of the best kits for beginners to get started with Arduino. No troublesome soldering and no complicated wiring. You can focus on learning Arduino. This kit includes a main control board Seeeduino Lotus and 8 Grove modules, which covering sensor, actuator and display. All you need to do is following the demo, plug the module into the Seeeduino Lotus, truly plug and play.

On top of that, our friends from Seeed Studio have provided you with detailed instructions on the use of arduino and the use of each module, which including 8 lessons for module and 2 Arduino projects. Just Click HERE to view this user manual.

All in all, whether you are a student, teacher, artist, hardware enthusiast, and so on, with the help of the Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino, you will get to know Arduino quickly and comprehensively.

Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino - Unboxing & Getting Started - #newproductsTuesday

1 review for Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino

  1. Alan Warner

    Great Kit, I really like the fact that all the parts are mounted on PCB boards so I only had to use the provided interconnects to get running. that helps a lot as i dont yet own a soldering iron, so not having components to solder was a huge benefit. I guess the downside is that it makes the kit more expensive than just having the discreet components provided, but for me the convenience outweighed the cost. I bought an Arduino Uno to go alongwith the kit, not realising i didnt need it as the kit comes with a mainboard anyway, but Proto-PIC allowed me to return the Arduino with no problems at all. This was a nice touch.

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