Keypad, 4×4 Matrix, 16 Button

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Keypad, 4×4 Matrix, 16 Button

Punch in your secret key into this numeric matrix keypad. This keypad has 16 buttons, arranged in a telephone-line 4×4 grid. The keys are connected into a matrix, so you only need 8 microcontroller pins (4-columns and 4-rows) to scan through the pad. Check the tutorials tab for links to an Arduino library and example code. We have also created a Keypad to Serial Converter Kit, to save you valuable I/O pins!

We include some header so you can plug this into a breadboard with ease, some light soldering is required to attach it. Or you can use plain wires if you like. It’s basically a sturdier version of our Membrane 3×4 Matrix Keypad. Starting from the left there are four-row pins, and then to the right are the four-column pins.

16 Button Keypad Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 69.0mm x 65.5mm x 9.7mm / 2.7″ x 2.6″ x 0.4″
  • Product Weight: 21.2g / 0.7oz
  • Force: 160-180g
  • Contact Resistance: <100Ω

Check out Adafruit’s detailed guide with wiring diagrams, libraries and example sketches for all sorts of matrix keypads.

We also have a 3×4 version of this matrix keypad, and also a STEMMA ST / Qwiic enabled 3×4 Keypad too!


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