Keypad to Serial Converter

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Brand: Proto-PIC
Part Number: AC0011
Barcode: 5055421002657
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This great little board is supplied as a kit, with the PCB, Capacitor, Headers & a Chip programed with the code, ready to go. Once you have assembled the kit, connecting up a keypad like our 3×4 membrane matrix keypad. will give a character output at 9600 BAUD when a key is pressed. The keys do not auto-repeat, making key entry easier.


Key output from a 4×4 matrix keypad


1  2  3  A

4  5  6  B

7  8  9  C

*  0  #  D


With a 3×4 matrix keypad, ignore the right hand column.

If you require these assembled, please contact us. There will be a charge for this service.

1 review for Keypad to Serial Converter

  1. Kieron Russell

    I wanted to connect a keypad to my Arduinio, but I only had 1 pin left. I called the tech guy at proto-pic and after a discusion about my choised, he offered to design a custom board to make the keypad connect to a serial pin on the arduino. I connected the keypad to the board and the board to my arduino, I have now got a fully working project, using all the I/O ppins on the Arduino UNO.

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