PHYS:BIT – Physics Classroom Add-On for the BBC micro:bit

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PHYS:BIT – Physics Classroom Add-On for the BBC micro:bit

Learning about potential dividers can be tricky for any student. Using the Phys:Bit we’ve simplified this activity and many others. In our Example Lesson Plans and Code, we program a BBC micro:bit to give a visual display of the voltages over each component in a potential divider. The simplicity of the display will help students understand what is going on as they make changes to the circuits.

The Physbit for the BBC microbit is a system to enable simple fundamentals of programming and electronics as well as specific topics within the ICT and Physics curricula, to be taught to students.

Developed in co-operation with SSERC (Scottish Schools Education Research Centre) the Physbit addresses the issue of the classroom management of all the wires and tiny components usually associated with teaching embedded computing.

The Physbit has interchangeable modules which simply plug in and out, allowing you to teach many different principles with one set of hardware.

The micro:bit can be used to measure the voltage at any of the test points on the daughter boards. The universal board could be used to show the voltage change on a charging capacitor, or the voltage potential created using 2 different resistor values.

A simpler experiment could be to light up an led when a test point is touched.

The boards are fully assembled and are ready to go, all you have to do is add a micro:bit, and code.

Included in each kit:

• the PHYS:BIT main board

• a 5 resistor divider board

• a universal board for mounting two of your own components.


Click here for an Example Lesson Plan.


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