Pololu Wheel for Standard Servo Splines (25T, 5.8mm) – White, 2-Pack


Perfect for when you need to get your custom project on the move, these Servo wheels are suited for robotics or RC vehicles and are certain to get the job done. Coming in measurements of either 70mm (2.76″) or 90mm (3.54″) in diameter, they are mainly for use with servos with a 5.8mm diameter and 25 teeth. The combination of these parts will provide you with a small, inexpensive, and easy-to-control drive system for your project! The wheel presses onto the servo spline just like a typical servo horn, and the small screw included with the accessory pack for mounting servo horns should be used to hold the wheel in place.

The six mounting holes for M3 screws make it compatible with the universal mounting hubs for 6mm shafts, allowing these wheels to be used with the fantastic 37D Metal Gearmotors and stepper motors (with compatible shafts). The slots in the six spokes fit M2 screws and allow additional accessories to be mounted to the wheel such as decorations or parts of an encoder system.

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