Pololu Wheels for Micro Servo Splines (20T, 4.8mm) – 2-Pack

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Brand: Pololu
Part Number: POL4905
Barcode: 5055421085469

These Pololu Wheels for Micro Servos are black plastic with silicone tires and measure 40 mm (1.57″) in diameter. They easily attach onto micro servo splines with a 4.8mm diameter and 20 teeth, we reccomend FEETECH’s FS90R micro continuous rotation servos and FT90R digital micro continuous rotation servos. Please note this product  only contains wheels, no servo is included.

Ideal for Robotics, your own RC vehicle projects and all other situations where you need to get things moving! The combination of these wheels with the FS90R micro continuous rotation servos can serve as a reliable, inexpensive way to easily control a drive system on your project. These wheels press onto the spline of the servo like your usual servo horn, a screw should be used for holding the wheel in place on the spline.

What are the Pololu wheels made of?
  • The material used to make the hubs of Pololu wheels is ABS (also known as Polylac) PA-747.
  • The material used to make the tires of all Pololu wheels (except the Pololu Wheel 42×19mm) is silicone rubber.

Micro Servo Wheel specifications

Size:40 × 7 mm
Weight:4.5 g1
Shaft type:20T, 4.8 mm diameter servo spline

File downloads

Dimension diagrams for Pololu Servo Wheels (1MB pdf)
This file contains dimension diagrams for the 40×7mm, 60×8mm, 70×8mm, and 90×10mm Pololu Servo Wheels.
3D model of Pololu Wheel for Micro Servo Splines 40×7mm (2MB step)



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