Pre-Crimped Jumper Wire Range

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Pre-Crimped Jumper Wire Range

These wires with pre-crimped terminals make rapid prototyping a breeze. They are equivalent to our premium jumper wires without the 1×1 crimp connector housings on the ends.

By combining these wires with housing from our 0.1″ crimp connector housing range, you can quickly and easily create custom cables with 0.1″ (2.54mm) connectors that mate with various 0.1″-spaced connectors, including male and female headers and solderless breadboards.

Just pick the length of wire, pick the colour and genders for your wires, and snap them into the housings (note: it’s not easy to get the wires back out, so plan carefully!).  No soldering is required!


The pack qty depends on which length and colour option you choose, but the quantity is displayed clearly in the option drop-down boxes above.

4 reviews for Pre-Crimped Jumper Wire Range

  1. Andrew Wedmore

    Faced with a Raspberry Pi with 40 header pins, wanting a plug that connects to just 9 of them. With these wires in conjunction with the crimp connector housing (PPPOL1992) one can make just such a plug, without having to fiddle about crimping each wire.

  2. Elliot

    a more expensive way than crimping your own, but who cares – im not starting a factory here. The time saved on each crimp more than makes up for it

  3. Michael Rothschild

    Good design, quality and wide choice of ends.Excellent product

  4. Anna

    Make life much easier, good quality

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