Slotted Aluminium Extrusion – 20mm x 20mm

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Slotted Aluminum Extrusion – 20mm x 20mm

Nothing is easier or faster than building with extrusion and we’ve added 20mm square aluminum extrusion and components to our catalog. This product is the extrusion itself. Made of aluminum, it’s exactly 20x20mm square and has 6mm slots on all four sides.

You can use T-nuts that slide into the slots to connect plates, couplers, PCBs, cut-outs, etc.

We like the 20mm for being just large enough for sturdy DIY projects and robots, but not too clunky and heavy.

Just select the length you need from the options above. If we don’t do the exact size you need, don’t worry – each piece is easily cut down with a hacksaw or bandsaw.

Grab some T-nuts, screws, and plates to build a frame, then finish off with end-caps.

Note: we have changed the supplier for this part. Both parts are identical except the original supplier has 5.5mm OD holes at each end of the extrusion and the new one has 4.5mm OD holes. We like the 4.5mm holes better as they can be tapped out to an M5 thread, which will also accept a 10-32 screw.
All sizes have now been swapped over to the new supplier with the smaller 4.5mm OD hole, except for the 150mm length. If this will affect your project, please contact us before purchasing. You can see the difference by viewing the main image for the product versus the 150mm variation image

1 review for Slotted Aluminium Extrusion – 20mm x 20mm

  1. Brian Hadley

    really nice quality extrusion for a great price, end cuts well finished

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