Solderless Breadboards

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Solderless Breadboards are a great way to prototype circuits quickly and easily. All of these breadboards have an adhesive back, allowing you to stick them all most anywhere!

The pitch between each pin is 0.1″ (2.54mm).

Each column of pins on the breadboard are commoned together by means of the metal spring clip strips inside, so that each wire or component leg in the same column will be both held firmly in pace and connected to each other. The number of pins available is referred to as the number of “tie points”

Larger boards (400 tie point and up) also have rows of commoned tie points. These are normally used for power and ground rails.

Because there is no soldering required, the breadboards are reusable and a great for testing a temporary circuit before making something more permanent.

We love the transparent units, as you can see the metal spring clips and how they are connected together. This makes them great to be used as teaching aids when trying to explain breadboards to new users.


3 reviews for Solderless Breadboards

  1. David Carney

    Full size boards are the cheapest i’ve seen and are still top quality!

  2. Liam

    I own four and just bought these 3 for my Nephews

  3. Paul C

    Great little board and definitely best value

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