Thumb Slide Joystick

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Thumb Slide Joystick

This is a resistive analog joystick, very similar to those found on the PSP1000. These compact joysticks are different in that they have a very interesting ‘slide’ feeling.

Thumb Slide Joystick pinout:

With pin 4 the one closest to the two mounting holes:

  1. X-axis output
  2. +5V
  3. Y-axis output
  4. Ground

Pin 4 is the one closest to the two mounting holes.

When connected to an Arduino, we get a range of approx. 128 to 775 on each axis, with enough consistency to check if it’s at -x, center-x, +x, and -y, center-y, and +y.

The cap is removable and is covered with a textured material so your thumb won’t slide off.

The pins are spaced by 2mm, but it is possible to get our 2.54mm headers connected with a bit of manipulation.


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