Sparkfun Premium Jumper Wires

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SparkFun Premium Jumper Wires for Breadboards or Headers

When you are prototyping a project, one of the more time consuming tasks is making up the jumper interconnects between different components, or between two boards. Sparkfun Premium Jumper wires make this task a breeze. We call these “premium” because they really are great quality leads. They use quality stranded wire, so they are flexible yet are still able to keep any shape you bend them into. If you find you do need to cut them to a different length, the insulation is really easy to remove just with a pair of flush cutters and some deft wire stripping skills.

Keep your workshop stocked up with the various lengths and colors that we do and you will always have just the right size to hand.


If you prefer to make up your own harnesses then check out our related products section.

All you need to make you own is the stranded hook-up wire, the 0.1″ housings, the crimps and tool.More time consuming than just purchasing these ready made ones, but if we are ever out of stock then it might get you out of a bind. ( it will also allow you to create you own, made to measure, custom harnesses).

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1 review for Sparkfun Premium Jumper Wires

  1. Harry Duncan

    Quality over quantity here, the best jumper wires on the market but you do have to fork out some more pennies than i would like!

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