Sparkfun Snappable Protoboard – Veroboard

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Sparkfun Snappable Protoboard – Veroboard – PRT-13268

Sometimes it’s nice to have a protoboard that’s super long and skinny, super small or just a bunch of holes. The SparkFun Snappable Protoboard is a large PCB crisscrossed with v-scored lines so that you can choose just how long and wide you need your custom protoboard to be. The Snapable Protoboard makes obtaining the perfect sized prototyping area for any given project as straightforward and uncomplicated as possible.

Each SparkFun Snappable Protoboard features a 0.1″ spaced, 50×25 Solder Point array totaling up to an impressive 1250 PTH pins that can be broken apart to form a 2×2, 1×50, 24×42, or any size whatsoever as long as it is within the original array size. Don’t think of this as just one protoboard, think of it as any number you need.

Protoboard Features:

  • Snappable V-Scored Solder Points
  • Customizable Protoboard Sizes
  • 1250 Solder Points

Protoboard Documents:

Sparkfun Video Introduction:

2 reviews for Sparkfun Snappable Protoboard – Veroboard

  1. Mark Harris I can only comment on the sales experience and first impressions. The board came the very next day, along with a bag of sweets so I couldn’t fault Proto-pic at all! The board looks like a good bit of kit and I’m looking forward to trying it out. It’s a bit pricey but if the end results are a bit neater and not as amateurish as my usual attempts it’ll be worth it.

  2. David Smart

    Very easy to snap into the size and shape you need. Great board for starter projects

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