Stepper Motor Driver Breakout Board, TB6612, 1.2A DC (2448)

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Brand: AdaFruit
Part Number: 2448
Barcode: 5055421004316
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Stepper Motor Driver Breakout Board, TB6612, 1.2A DC – Adafruit 2448

This Stepper Motor Driver Board, utilizes the TB6612, with an added polarity protection FET on the motor voltage input and a pullup on the “standby” enable pin. Each breakout chip contains two full H-bridges (four half H-bridges). That means you can drive 2-4 solenoids (only two can be active at a time, on opposite bridges), two DC motors bi-directionally, or one stepper motor. Just make sure they’re good for 1.2 Amp or less of current since that’s the limit of this chip. They do handle a peak of 3A but that’s just for a short amount of time, like 20 milliseconds. What we like most about this particular driver is that it comes with built-in kick-back diodes internally so you don’t have to worry about the inductive kick damaging your project or driver!

There are two digital inputs per H-bridge (one for each half of the bridge) as well as a PWM input per driver so you can control motor speed. Runs at 2.7V-5V logic. The motor voltage is separate from the logic voltage. This Breakout Board is best used on motor voltages from 4.5V up to 13.5V! This won’t work well for 3V motors.

Comes as one assembled and tested breakout plus a small strip of header. You’ll need to do some light soldering to attach the header onto the breakout PCB. Arduino, motors, and power supply not included. Check out Adafruit’s handy tutorial on assembly and wiring!

TB6612 Technical Specifications:

  • Current Limit: 1.2A
  • Input / Outputs: 2
  • TB6612FNG (Datasheet)

TB6612 Breakout Dimensions:

  • Length: 27mm (1.1″)
  • Width: 19mm (0.7″)
  • Height: 3mm (0.1″)
  • Weight: 1.8g
TB6612 Motor Driver Video:
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