Stranded Hook-Up Wire Spool Range

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This is a spool of great quality hook-up wire, 70 feet in length, about 21metres
This is stranded wire, which is much more flexible than solid wire and is good for projects where you need the wire to be able to bend. One side of the spool has a tab which is a useful feature for hanging it from a screw or such in your workshop.
You can easily use this wire while prototyping on a breadboard by stripping the end and giving the strands a firm twist.
 Simply choose which colour you would like from the dropdown list box above.
The gauge is 26AWG and here are the technical details for that number!
Strand Count: 7
Strand diameter: 0.160mm
Insulation Thickness: 0.38mm
Outer Diameter: 1.3mm
This is the exact wire you need if you want to make up your own cables using our male and female crimp pins for the 0.1″ housing range
The wire conforms to the UL 1007 specification and is rated up to 80° C and 300VAC
Please note – the main image is a “group shot” to show all the different colours available, you only receieve the colours you have chosen.

2 reviews for Stranded Hook-Up Wire Spool Range

  1. Rui Figueira (verified owner)

    Bought these for crimping. Works a treat.

  2. Jonathan Hill

    I bought this to make a jumper cable using some crimps, but in the end i just hard soldered it on the board. These wires tin very nicely and are nice and flexible.

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