Super Bright LED Range – Colored, 5mm and 10mm

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The Super Bright LED Range is exactly what it says on the tin, these light emitting diodes are ridiculously bright! Excellent for illuminating surfaces, we advise not to look directly at them. Please take a look through the product gallery to get an idea of the light intensity. All the LED lenses sold in this product are clear and are available in (almost) every color of the rainbow. Don’t forget your current limiting resistors, for a 5V circuit we recommend 150 Ohm or 180 Ohm resistors.

Also available as Huge 10mm through-hole LEDs. Mood-light an entire wall!

Super Bright LED Range Features:

  • 9,000mcd average brightness
  • Standard size – T1 ¾ 5mm
  • 2.4V forward drop
  • Max current 20mA

Additional Information:

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