Waterproof JSN-SR04T Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

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Brand: Proto-PIC
Part Number: JSN-SR04T
Barcode: 5055421086459
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The JSN-SR04T Ultrasonic Distance Sensor is perfect for a water level monitoring project, capable of precise non-contact distance measurements between 20cm-600cm with a pinpoint accuracy of 2mm. The JSN-SR04T comes to you with a 2.5M long waterproof ultrasonic sensor and the accompanying control circuit/breakout board, meaning you’re only a microcontroller away from getting your next idea up and running.

The sensor is piezoelectric made using electrostrictive phenomena. An alternating voltage is applied to the piezoelectric material slice so that it generates electrostrictive vibration and generates ultrasonic waves. When the frequency of the applied alternating voltage is equal to the natural frequency of the wafer and resonance occurs, the generated ultrasonic wave is the strongest. Piezoelectric ultrasonic receivers generally use the inverse effect of ultrasonic generators to work. Their structure is basically the same as that of ultrasonic generators. Sometimes they use the same transducer as both the generator and the receiver. When the ultrasonic wave acts on the piezoelectric wafer to make the wafer expand and contract, an alternating charge is generated on the two interfaces of the wafer and then converted into a voltage and then amplified and sent to a measuring circuit for recording or displaying.

The JSN-SR04T uses industrial-grade integrated ultrasonic probe design, this is to a certain degree waterproof but cannot be immersed in water for a length of time. Please be aware, only the ultrasonic distance sensor is waterproof. The included control circuit is not waterproof in any way!


  • Capable of providing ultrasonic distance sensing over 20cm-600cm with an accuracy of up to 2mm.
  • Consisting of the ultrasonic sensor and accompanying control circuit/breakout board as standard.
  • Waterproof sensor, suitable for readings when wet and in adverse weather conditions.
  • High-end anti-interference coupled with high precision measurement.
  • Low power consumption/ low input voltage requried.


Operating voltageDC 3.0~5.5V
Operating current<8mA
Probe frequency40kHz
Max Range600cm
Near Range20cm
Distance accuracy+-1cm
Measuring angle75°
Operational temperture-20~70°C
Sensor cable length2.5m
Blind zone<20cm

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