ZIF Socket Range – 16, 20, 24, 28 and 40 Pin


A ZIF Socket or Zero Insertion Force Socket has been designed for the simple and safe insertion of ICs or PGA (pin grid array , not to be confused with golf!) chips into a socket for data transfer. An IC is gently placed into the socket’s holes and the lever is pulled down to lock in into the socket. The lever adjusts the top plate of the assembly which locks and pushes the IC pins into the sockets contacts.

These are high-quality, easy to use ZIF sockets which come in any shape and size you would possibly need for most common ICs. Using highly conductive terminals to create a stable connection, you will be able to connect/program DIP ICs with ease.


ZIF Socket Options

  • 16-Pin – 0.3″
  • 20-Pin – 0.3″
  • 24-Pin – 0.6″
  • 28-Pin – 0.6″
  • 28-Pin – 0.3″
  • 40-Pin – 0.6″


Looking for a way to program alot of ICs without the use of AVRDude or arduino as ISP? Look no further than our homegrown Program-O-Tron – Standalone SD Card AVR Programmer! With an inbuilt ZIF socket and the capacity to copy and paste programs to an IC in under 4 seconds each, its one of our favourite products we have ever mass produced!




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