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Arduino UK

Arduino is a development tool made of two parts – hardware and software. Arduino reads an input from a variety of sources – a press of a button, a change of temperature measured by a thermistor, an interaction on a webpage – and then performs a desired output.

The hardware is the physical electronics of an Arduino board such as the microcontroller and the input and outputs. A microcontroller is a miniature computer contained in a single computer chip. Software tells the microcontroller what to do and is written using the Arduino programming language. The Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a software tool that allows you to write code and export it to your Arduino board – the IDE is both free and easy to use.

Proto-Pic is an official UK-based reseller of genuine Arduino Boards, Shields, and Accessories. We stock a wide range of compatible boards and also add-on components that allow you to find the components that fit your needs. There is a large and diverse community of users – students, electronics hobbyists, researchers, artists, and hopefully soon you! We have educational content available to help you get started on your Arduino journey and thanks to the community there is also lots more useful content out there to inspire and help you. Whether you are just getting into hobby electronics or you need a powerful development platform for an educational or professional project – Arduino is a great place to start!

On our YouTube Channel, you will find a range of interesting video tutorials. They cover a wide spectrum of topics including the use of features such as Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), Real-Time Clock (RTC), RGB LED, Serial Monitor, Stepper Motor, Thermal Array, RFID, Data logging, and many more.

Within our Proto-Pic Academy, you will find interesting courses on many related topics! However, do you have a particular design challenge or coding issue? Then don’t panic, Proto-Pic has a dedicated tech team with many years of experience in programming and building STEM projects that are ready to assist you. A great way to get Arduino-related support is on our Forum page. Also feel free to check our complete range of SparkFun UK electronic kits, modules, and other products.

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