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Arduino UK

Arduino is an open-source hardware and software development platform, that has become the staple choice for creators the world over. The Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is free to download and is one of the easiest ways to code your project.

Proto-Pic are an official UK based reseller of genuine Arduino Boards, Shields and Accessories.

We do also stock a wide range of compatible boards and components. Making Proto-Pic the perfect supplier for all educators, makers, Arduino connoisseurs and hobbyists.

On our YouTube Channel you will find a range of interesting video tutorials. They cover a wide spectrum of topics including the use of features such as Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), Real Time Clock (RTC), RGB LED, Serial Monitor, Stepper Motor, Thermal Array, RFID, Data logging and many more.

Within our Proto-Pic Academy you will find interesting courses on many related topics! However, do you have a particular design challenge or coding issue? Then don’t panic, Proto-Pic have a dedicated tech team with many years of experience in programming and building STEAM projects that are ready to assist you. A great way to get Arduino related support is on our Forum page. Also feel free to check our complete range of SparkFun UK electronic kits, modules and other products.

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