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BBC Micro:bit

BBC-Micro bit
Shop from our full stock of BBC micro bit boards and accessories: the colourful micro:pixel, the exhi:bit board – a development system board that breaks out all the pins of the micro:bit. BBC micro bit is a small computer that unlocks a world of possibility for those of all ages and programming abilities. Although it was aimed originally at education, with it’s built in Bluetooth, motion detection,  compass, and LED display, it could also be described as a great choice of platform for a varied range of projects.

Here at Proto-Pic, we were one of the first companies to fall in love with this platform. Ever since we’ve been developing a wide range of fun accessories, and intelligent teaching aids, alongwith a range of CAD Resources

Coding with the BBC microbit is a breeze. The Microsoft PXT system, allows you to either write code in micropython, or use a drag and drop based approach using a series of “blocks”. Don’t let this simplicity fool you though. These are powerful microcontrollers!

We have a full range of micro:bit accessories. Including the incredibly colourful micro:pixel – a neopixel add on for the micro:bit. Also to the exhi:bit board – a development system board that breaks out all the pins of the micro:bit. These products are a must have for brightening up classroom management!

On our YouTube Channel, you will find a range of interesting video tutorials. A firm favourite is the automatic plant watering system which we use in all of the office plants. Or why not create a realistic flame to use in your next Halloween pumpkin?

Within our Proto-Pic Academy, you will find interesting courses on many related topics! However, do you have a particular design challenge or coding issue? Then don’t panic, Proto-Pic have a dedicated tech team with many years of experience in programming and building STEM projects that are ready to assist you.

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