Qwiic micro:bit Breakout

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  • Qwiic microbit Breakout without Headers BOB-16445 Main
  • Qwiic microbit Breakout with Headers BOB-16446 Main
  • Qwiic microbit Breakout with Headers BOB-16446 Front
  • Qwiic microbit Breakout without Headers BOB-16445 Rear


Qwiic micro:bit Breakout

The SparkFun Qwiic micro:bit Breakout is a board that connects to the BBC micro:bit and expands the capabilities of the development platform by providing access to more pins and allowing for connections to the I2C and SPI buses. This breakout board for the micro:bit’s edge connector allows intermediate and advanced users to connect the micro:bit to breadboards and other Qwiic sensors, motors, LEDs and more.
The micro:bit on its own has three digital/analog input/output rings available for you to use initially with alligator clips. With the micro:bit Breakout we have broken out all 21 GPIO, power and ground-to-pin outs in a 0.1" formation and with two individual Qwiic Connectors. With this breakout you will be able to unlock the full potential of your micro:bit!
This product is available with pin headers already soldered in (to plugin to a breadboard) or without the pin header included, if you wish to solder your own, or use wires instead
The variation not including the pin headers is Sparkfun BOB-16445 and the variation with the headers soldered in is Sparkfun BOB-16446
Note: the BBC:microbit is not included but you can pick one up here
Qwiic Breakout Schematic

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