Lighting and Displays

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Lighting and Displays

We stock a range of display modules which can be used to output visual information from your project as well as more general lighting strips and components to decorate your surroundings with.

Our selection of displays include modules compatible with Raspberry Pi, Arduino and more, are easily readable thanks to the high-contrast design, and often have ready-made code libraries to give you a head start on creating your new project. There are both LED and LCD displays available which range from simple 8×8 LED displays all the way up to high-definition, touchscreen capable LCD displays.

8x8 RGB LED Array Flexible WS2812B Matrix - (Adafruit NeoPixel compatible) 5 inch LCD HDMI Touch Screen for Raspberry Pi
8×8 LED Array 5″ LCD HDMI Touchscreen for Raspberry Pi

The more general lighting components also offer a good variety of options including LED strips and single LEDs. Many of our lighting modules contain RGB LESs so can be modified to output different colours. You can put your neighbours to shame with your spectacular Christmas light-show at home or you can upgrade the back of your camper van with some soothing lighting. Check out our blog for more project ideas!

Christmas Tree with lights in background of room WS2812B Addressable RGB LED Ring Set
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