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We are an Authorised Pololu UK Distributor. We have a huge range of items IN STOCK from Pololu Robotics and Electronics, your source for robot kits, robot parts, and robot electronics.

The primary products from Pololu are small electronics modules for robots and motion control. They also make simple mechanical components in house on their laser cutters and 3D printer. In addition to items manufactured, they supply small gearboxes, breadboards, servos, and robot kits.

Pololu is named after Pololu Valley on the north coast of the Big Island of Hawaii. Many people seem to have trouble with the pronunciation, but it’s really quite easy. All three syllables have equal weight, and the first two are pronounced “polo”, like the sport or shirt. PO–LO–LU.

If you cannot immediately find the product you want, please contact us, our buying power allows us to get new products over to the UK typically within 3 business days.

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