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Electronic Sensors

We stock a large catalogue of electronic sensors suitable for hobby electronics and commercial applications. A sensor is a device which is able to detect a change in a physical property and react to it. This capability opens up a vast variety of possibilities when creating and a device capable of taking reliable measurements is essential when designing a huge range of different projects. Our selection of sensors includes devices capable of measuring distance, vibration, temperature, light levels and more! Some example projects are a range finder for quickly and accurately sizing up that room you’ve been meaning to redecorate or home weather station with one of our weather detectors. We also have a number of devices which are suitable for capturing a variety of bioinformation.

Soil Moisture Sensor Qwiic (SEN-17731)One of our favourite project kits is this plant watering kit which uses a sensor to detect soil moisture and automate the process of keeping your houseplants alive!

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