STEM in Education

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STEM in Education

Proto-Pic are all about education, making, creating and we stock a wide range of STEM education product‘s. This category spans all our products which are aimed at improving the skills of new engineers and scientists.

Our education range is suitable for all types of uses, whether you are a young student wanting to gain some hands-on experience, an aspiring electronics hobbyist or a teacher looking for some exciting new projects to bring into your classroom, we’re sure we’ve got something for you.

We’re committed to helping young engineers and scientists improve which is why we have also have a blog you can browse for some inspiration on your first projects. Once you’re building away we love to see what you do with our kits which is why we love to follow the tweets online and find out who’s wearing our cool badges. Hint hint!

Two of our recommended kits for beginners:

Microbit Plant Watering Kit
For some soldering experience try our easy to use (and cool!) Day of the Geek soldering kits. We also have a guide on soldering for beginners to help you learn! For anyone struggling not to kill their houseplants (or if you are a hybrid botany and electronics lover) we recommend our Plant Watering Kits which will automatically look after your green friends and teach you some basic electronics skills.
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