Arduino MEGA Shield - Proto PCB Rev3

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Arduino MEGA Shield - Proto PCB Rev3 perfect for Arduino projects!

The Arduino prototyping shield makes it easy for you to design custom circuits for the MEGA standard Arduino pinout. It has three proto shields which are assembled, unassembled, and Arduino mega. This board is used to create a project by soldering the parts to the prototyping area or a small solderless breadboard is used to test the circuit. The Mega Proto Shield Rev3 (PCB) comes with extra connections for all the Arduino I/O pins and provides space to mount through-hole and surface mounts integrated circuits. The Arduino. org shields are boards that can be plugged on top of the Arduino PCB, extending its capabilities. The different shields follow the same philosophy as the original toolkit. These Arduino Shields are easy to mount.


  • Breaks out all of the Arduino I/O pins
  • Provides space for through-hole and surface mount IC's
  • You can solder your components directly to the shield
  • The board has dedicated landing pads for an onboard Reset button and ICSP connector
  • The prototyping area is populated with multiple through-hole pads spaced at 0.1" pitch
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2 Reviews

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    Posted by The boatbu on 23rd Dec 2014

    This shield allows you to connect to the header pins directly on the board so you can stack another board on top. You can't do this with the SparkFun shield.

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    Posted by Jago Lee-M on 20th Dec 2012

    The quality... is fantastic!

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