Breadboard Shield for Arduino Uno R3 Single

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Breadboard Shield for Arduino Uno R3 Single

The Breadboard shield has the same pattern as a half size breadboard, there are power connections running down the center for ease of connecting up your designs. This allows you to easily move a circuit from a prototyping breadboard to a more permanent installation. this new revision is Rev 3 compatible and has had twin header rows added.


10 reviews for Breadboard Shield for Arduino Uno R3 Single

  1. Tim Quinnell

    Useful for making a more permanent device to use with Arduino but more clear guidance on track cutting would be useful Not sure if I can attach some DIP opto-isolators without drilling through board.

  2. Chris

    These are a great bit kit. However what I would recommend, if stack-ability isn’t a requirement of your build, is to get the 40pc breakaway headers instead of the R3 header kit. The Breakaway pins are a lot sturdier and wont bend nearly as much, whilst m

  3. David Oxle

    For one of my projects I’m putting an Uno and this shield into the ‘Box for Arduino’ (Part PPA000009). The box has three plastic pillars which go through the three holes in the Uno (and other shields) which hold it in place. This board is missing on of th

  4. Jim

    These boards are excellent value. The only suggestion I have is that it could list the on-board connections that are already made. I’ll be buying more 🙂

  5. Roy

    Hi,Yes we will add another line of pins that are connected to the arduino pins on rev2. At the moment you just have to jumper from the breadboard row to the already soldered arduino pins.

  6. Bradley W

    To Dave B’s comment, I’ve just finished soldering my first board. It looks great and it works! But I have no idea how to solder in the headers given that I also need to solder in a few pins from the breadboard circuit itself…Any suggestions from anyon

  7. Dave B

    Just to correct what I posted earlier. I hadn’t spotted the GND connection next to digital pin 13. That one is connected to the GND rail, meaning I could have saved myself a bit of soldering on the two boards I’ve assembled so far! Doh!Good to hear ther

  8. Richard –

    Yep, we were so excited to come up with the idea, not enough of us saw the obvious improvements available before we sent the design off to get manufactured. Rest assured, rev 2 will contain all these improvements and any others that our customers can sug

  9. Dave B

    Have got a couple of things on the go with these. Wish there was a row of holes connected to the arduino pins – that would mean giving up some room on the prototyping bit but well worth it in my view. Also, connecting the main central ground rail to, er,

  10. Russell Sc

    I got a pack of these delivered yesterday, transferred my circuit from my breadboard to the shield, soldered it up, I now have a permanent ‘Shield’ I can just put on my Arduino, without having to re-build it every time I need to use it.

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