UNO R3 Clone Compatible with Arduino

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UNO R3 Clone Compatible with Arduino perfect for Arduino projects!

This UNO R3 clone is fully compatible with the Arduino IDE, and all shields designed for the Arduino UNO R3 and earlier. The pin out is the same as the official Arduino UNO R3, and has all the same features. The board has some enhancements over the official board :
Extra row of header pin holes - Great for making more permanent wiring to the board.
CH340 USB to Serial converter - This is more robust than the 16U2 - DRIVER FOR WINDOWS
Rx, Tx, SCL & SDA pins have been broken out to a handy header, along with Ground,5V and 3.3V.

Addtional Suport:

On our YouTube Channel you will find a range of interesting video tutorials. They cover a wide use of Arduino Uno R3 features such as Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), Real Time Clock (RTC), RGB LED, Serial Monitor, Stepper Motor, Thermal Array, RFID, Data logging and many more.

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