Loctite Multicore Solder

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Brand: Proto-PIC
Part Number: PP60EN3625C
SKU: PP60EN3625C
Barcode: 5055421003319

Loctite are known for their high quality products, and this solder wire is no different. With a great wetting action on most commenly soldered surfaces, this solder makes your soldering jobs easier, and with the flux cores, even older boards and components can be soldered with ease. The flux is designed to be a no-clean flux, and has been designed to leave a pale flux residue.

Multicore Loctite 60/40 60EN Solder Wire is the standard leaded solder for hand soldering. Primarily for electronic and electrical applications, the alloy conforms to EN29453 S-Sn60Pb40E and the five cores of activated non-corrosive flux to EN29454 1.1.2.

Loctite Multicore Solder Features

  • 0.7mm diameter, 22SWG
  • Ersin 362 flux
  • Melting temperature 188°C
  • Recommended bit temperature 308°C
  • Supplied on 500g reels

1 review for Loctite Multicore Solder

  1. Luke Woodbury

    Great solder, really flowed well and made troublesome joints much easier

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