Solder Station Weller WHS40

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Solder Station Weller Iron WHS40 Temperature Controlled 40W, 450°C

This Iron is the perfect benchtop tool for any hobbyist or professional. The Weller brand is one of the best-respected in the industry and although this is a mid-range Iron, it does in our opinion offer fantastic value for money.
The Weller 18 Volt WHS40 Temperature Controlled Solder Iron has a temperature range of 200 - 450 C and eliminates the risk of heat spikes commonly associated with stations without temperature control. Equipped with an 18 Volt low voltage iron with an ergonomic handle, allowing the user to comfortably get closer to the job at hand.

WHS40 Solder Station Features:


  • Electronically controlled solder station operates with a temperature range of 200°C to 450°C
  • Equipped with 18 V low voltage iron with ergonomically contoured handle
  • Heat applications to the required temperature
  • LED to monitor the heater is integrated into the display
  • Temperature control dial
  • Tip: T0054321199, S32 Solid Longlife Tip 2mm, SI15/SPI16.
  • Weight: 1.48kg.
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