Mosfet Driver board for the Micro:bit

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Mosfet Driver board for the Micro:bit

This neat little MOSFET board has a 2N7000* Mosfet, a resistor to stop the Mosfet switching on due to EMF, and a 2.1MM Barrel Jack connector to supply power to the device you want to control. The Mosfet is rated at 200mA at up to 20V. And can be activated with as little as 2.1V on the 'SIG' pin. Making this ideal for most microcontroller projects including Micro:bit, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ATMEL or  PIC, etc. or for controlling higher power devices with low power switches. The board is a low side switching board, this means that to turn the device on you supply a positive signal to the SIG pin. When this pin is held LOW or connected to a high impedance IO pin, the Mosfet is turned off.
This board also has handy hoop connectors, making it easy to use alligator test leads, but it also has an unpopulated pin header for making connection more permanent by soldering direct to these, or adding header pins to make connecting to DUPONT style connectors easier, and as this has a 2.54MM pitch, you could even use JST connectors.
*We may use a BS170 Mosfet, but the specification is the same or better than above.

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