Plant Watering Kit for BBC Microbit

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Plant Watering Kit for BBC Microbit

This kits combines our two favourite hobbies:  Forgetting to water the Plants and the BBC Micro:bit!

Make an automated Plant watering kit and learn to code the BBC Microbit at the same time!

Kit contains:

You will also need:

A USB to micro USB cable,

2xAAA batteries,

4xAA batteries,

a computer with an internet connection,

a pen or pencil,

a piece of paper

some water (a medium to large size container to hold water)

a medium to large plant pot, … and of course a plant!


The kit works by monitoring the moisture level in the plant pot soil. If the moisture level drops below a certain threshold, the water pump is switched on via a mosfet transistor. The pump will run for a software configured amount of time and will then switch off.

Check out this guide which has a step by step tutorial on how to get the most from your kit


cool plant pot NOT included! (but we can tell you how to make one if you drop us a mail!)

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