Pololu 0.1″ Crimp Connector Housing Range (2.54mm)

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Pololu 0.1″ Crimp Connector Housing Range (2.54mm)

This is our range of empty 0.1″ crimp connector housings. They allow you to quickly make up your own custom cable harnesses for connection to your project.

Just select the the housing with the correct number of pins for your project from the dropdown list above.


You can then use our range of precrimped wires so start to make your own harnesses.

If you cant find the size of precrimped wire you need then you can always make your own up, using our male and female crimps and the crimp tool thats perfect for the job.

Check out this great product video from our supplier:



Please note, the different connector housings come in different pack quantities. Smaller sizes, like the 1×2 housing come in packs of 25 where the larger sizes like the 1×10 come in packs of 5.

The dimensions table below lists the pack quantities and we also state it in the dropdownlist.



4 reviews for Pololu 0.1″ Crimp Connector Housing Range (2.54mm)

  1. Jasper

    I was paying fortunes for these for another supplier, yes they are DuPont compatible!A great way of making your own harnesses, I never noticed they did the wires with the crimps already on them, ill be getting some of them next

  2. Robert Hall

    nice housings, very handy for making up connections to Raspbery PI headers

  3. Stefan

    good quality product and supplied in good multiples

  4. Andrew Wedmore

    Faced with a Raspberry Pi with 40 header pins, wanting a plug that connects to just 9 of them. With this housing in conjunction with pre-crimped wires (PPPOL1803) one can make just such a plug, without having to fiddle about crimping each wire.

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