Screw Terminals, PCB Mounting - 2.54mm, 3.5mm and 5mm Pitch

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Screw Terminals, PCB Mounting - 3.5mm and 5mm Pitch

These screw terminals are very handy prototyping connectors and we use them all the time in our own electronic projects.
They can be soldered onto PCBs creating a nice screw in type terminal block so you can connect power wires or even create board to board harnesses.
They come in 3 different pitches and its important to know the difference:
The 5mm pitch version (5mm spacing between the PCB pin centres) will fit nicely into standard PerfBoard or VeroBoard, which has the standard 0.1" spacing. Since 0.1" is 2.54mm, the 5mm terminals will straddle 3 rows for every 2 pins.
A nice 3mm flat blade screwdriver works well with these.
The 3.5mm pitch version (3.5mm spacing between the PCB pin centres) are one of our best sellers, due to their compact size.
They are great for custom PCBs.
We find you are best to use a nice flat blade screwdriver with a 2.5mm blade width. If you use anything bigger it wont fit down the screw hole!
The 2.54mm pitch version (2.54mm spacing between the PBC pin centres) will line up with standard 0.1" perf boards.
All of the screw terminals, no matter how many "ways" you want are made from the building blocks of 2 pin terminals and 3 pin terminals.
Each unit has a sliding lock mechanism on the side which allows them to clip together. You can join 10 x 2Pin terminals together to make a 20 Way connector with no issues. If you order say, the 5 way connector, then this is actually made from one 2 way connector clipped to a 3 way connector.
Rated Up To 125V @ 6A
Accepts 30 to 20 AWG Wire (thats about 0.25mm to 0.8mm wire diameter for us normal folks!)
This wire will work great.
If you don't already have a nice screwdriver for these terminals, check out this excellent tool kit from SparkFun, it has interchangeable bits - not just flat blade but hex, torx and more. The handle provides enough torque to get things nice and tight and for the price you cant go wrong!

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