Shifter Kit v1.1 – Powered Shift Register

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Shifter Kit v1.1 – Powered Shift Register

The Shifter Kit uses an 8-bit monolithic, high-voltage, medium-current power 8-bit shift register that is designed for use in systems that require relatively high load power. The TPIC6B595 contains a built-in voltage clamp on the outputs for inductive transient protection.

The kit contains a filter capacitor, Shift Register, Break Away Headers, and PCB.

Each channel can sink 150mA continuous, 500mA peak, and no matter how many you cascade, you’ll only require 3 i/o pins.

This board is perfect for driving our 7-Segment Red 6.5″ Displays.   Please note that the datasheet below shows 1K load resistors, we have found that using 1M resistors stops any non-lit segments from showing a slight glow from the segment.

Shifter kit v1.1 Documents:

Shifter kit v1.1 Video Introduction:

This video below shows an example of cascading 2 devices. As an example, we are driving 2 large 6.5″ seven segment displays using only 3 i/o pins on an Arduino.

4 reviews for Shifter Kit v1.1 – Powered Shift Register

  1. Karl

    Any reason the output enable pin on the chip is not exposed on the board?

  2. trekker

    Very handy board!And always nice to have Yoda’s approval!

  3. Roy

    There is a datasheet which includes schematics showing you how to wire this kit up to an Arduino or any other MCU. There is also example Arduino code and a library written to help newcomers.

  4. George

    is there a tutorial available on how to actually use this board? i.e. how to actually wire it up to the arduino and get it functioning?

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