SparkFun Capacitor Variety Kit (KIT-13698)

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SparkFun Capacitor Variety Kit - Sparkfun KIT-13698

This is a kit that provides you with a basic assortment of capacitors to start or continue your electronics tinkering. No more looking under your desk to see if you can find a spare capacitor you might have dropped a year ago.
With this kit, you get over 100 of the most popular capacitors. As a brucey bonus, they come in a box with a sticker to help you identify which capacitor is which. We've also added a table below showing the markings!
This assortment of capacitors makes a great gift for beginner and advanced electronics nerds at any time of year!

Sparkfun Capacitor Kit Label KIT-13698


Value Type Marking Quantity Voltage Rating
10pF Ceramic 100 10 50V
22pF Ceramic 220 10 50V
100pF Ceramic 101 10 50V
1nF Ceramic 102 10 50V
10nF Ceramic 103 10 50V
100nF Ceramic 104 25 50V
1 µF Electrolytic 1µF/50V 10 50V
10 µF Electrolytic 10µF/25V 10 25V
100 µF Electrolytic 100µF/25V 10 25V
1000 µF Electrolytic 1000µF/25V 10 25V


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