SparkFun Proximity Sensing Kit (KIT-18448)

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SparkFun Proximity Sensing Kit – Sparkfun KIT-18448

Start a proximity sensing project today with the SparkFun Proximity Sensing Kit. Using an infrared proximity sensor, a RedBoard Qwiic, and the included hookup wire, you can easily get up and running on a multitude of projects. Do you want an indicator light when something is within proximity? Well, we have you covered by including a package of assorted 5mm LEDs. How about adding sound to your project? We have also added an MP3 shield and a speaker. From social distancing, automatic doors, robotics, Halloween projects, and whatever your imagination brings you, this kit gives you enough to work with for countless possibilities.

With the use of the RedBoard Qwiic you can use the Qwiic ecosystem of boards to add more options to your projects. Please keep in mind that if you plan to use the MP3 Player Shield found in this kit some soldering will be required to attach it to the SparkFun RedBoard. Don’t worry, we’ve included a set of headers so all you’ll need to supply is a soldering iron and solder.

Proximity Sensing Kit Includes:

Proximity Kit Documents:

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