Spring Loaded Terminal Connector Block Range – PCB Mount


Spring Loaded Terminal Connector Block – PCB Mount

These are small spring terminals are a great alternative to screw terminals, as they require no tools to operate. This is why we use them a lot in product development, especially in those early trial and error stages! 🙂

Simply open the aperature with the small arm, insert the wire, release the arm and the wire is held firmly in place. Because of this it makes them a great and quick way to interface to bare wires.

They are capable of higher current and more resilient than breadboard or female header type connections. These terminals have a standard spacing of 0.1″, which make them perfect for use with bread, perf and proto boards.

These Spring Loaded Terminal Connectors come in 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 positions and they are rated up to 150V @ 2A, so the terminals can accept 26 to 20AWG wire.




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