Stainless Thin Conductive Thread, 2 ply, 23 meter/76 ft

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Stainless Thin Conductive Thread, 2 ply, 23 meter/76 ft

This thread is 2 ply, a little thicker than everyday polyester or cotton thread but still thin enough to be sewn by hand in medium-eye needles or with a sewing machine that can handle 'heavy' thread. Because it is strong and smooth, it's ideal for any wearable/e-textile project. It also has fairly low resistivity, 16 ohms per foot so you can use it to drive LEDs and other electronic components that use under ~50mA.
Because it is made of stainless steel fibers, it will not oxidize like silver does: your projects will not 'stop working' because of oxidation after a few months and its safe to wash. However, this thread is a little 'stiff', it feels a little like 'waxed thread' and is not ideal for making iPhone-compatible gloves. We have a wide range of conductive-thread available
Comes in a small metal (or plastic) bobbin with 23 meters wound on. Measures 0.2mm thick, 2 ply thread, 1.3 ohm per inch

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