Unigeek – A Unicorn badge soldering kit – Learn to Solder

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Unigeek – A Unicorn badge soldering kit – STEM Learn to Solder

Our Unigeek badge soldering kit is the perfect companion for any budding Stemette looking to increase their STEM education. is a unique badge soldering kit and is a great kit to introduce soldering and basic electronic principles.

Finished in white and gold with a rainbow effect colour changing LED this badge looks great!

This simple kit takes approximately 5 to 15 minutes to assemble with only basic soldering skills and equipment. We’ve designed these kits so that anyone aged 5 and upwards can build them, although young people should always be supervised when using Soldering Irons. Because these can be or at least should be very HOT!!!

We love to follow the tweets online and find out who’s wearing our cool badge’s. Hint hint!

Included in the Soldering Kit:

  • A Unigeek multi-coloured PCB
  • A Colour changing rainbow LED
  • CR2032 Battery clip
  • Badge pin and clip

Tools Required:

How to assemble:

    1. Check the contents.
    2. Apply a blob of solder to one of the pads for the battery clip.
    3. Seat the battery clip and using pliers hold it down while applying the iron to the pre-tinned pad.
    4. Solder the other pin allowing the solder to wick through the hole of the battery clip.
    5. Go back to the first battery pad and apply more solder for mechanical strength,
    6. Flood solder onto the large gold circle.
    7. Using pliers hold the flat of the pin against the solder and apply heat to solder the pin in place.
    8. Solder the LED in place ensuring the LED is orientated as marked.
    9. Insert battery.
    10. Apply badge to your clothes.
    11. Then simply look cool.

Soldering Kit Assembly Video:


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