Wide-Range Triple-axis Magnetometer – MLX90393 – STEMMA QT (4022)

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Wide-Range Triple-axis Magnetometer – MLX90393 – STEMMA QT – Adafruit 4022

Measure the invisible magnetic fields that surround us, with this wide-range magnetometer. The MLX90393 is a wide range magnetic field sensor, that can measure 16-bits in ranges from ±5mT up to ±50mT in all 3 axes.

Compared to most magnetometers, this gives a huge range, which makes it excellent for detecting magnets and magnetic orientation, rather than the Earth’s magnetic field. (Magnets have a much stronger field that overwhelms most magnetometers that would normally be used for orientation with respect to the North Pole)

To make it easy to use, we’ve placed this tiny little sensor onto a breakout board, with a 3.3V power supply and level shifter. This makes it easy to use with any 3 or 5V microcontroller. Our Arduino and CircuitPython code will get you started in a jiffy, with I2C communication to the sensor. You will be readin’ out those Gauss’s in minutes! With the address select pins, you can have up to 4 sensors on one I2C bus.

Datasheets, diagrams, Arduino & Python libraries, schematics and more in the Adafruit Learning System

MLX90393 Specifications:

  • 16-bit output on all three (XYZ) magnetic field sensors
  • An unusually large dynamic range of 5-50 mT (1 mT or millitesla = 10 G or Gauss).
    By comparison, the LSM303DLHC saturates at +/-8.1 G (0.81 mT) at maximum range setting.
  • Up to ~500 Hz sample rate (Based on OSR=0, DIG_FILT=2, HALLCONF=0xC for 1.84ms conversion time. See 15.1.5 HALLCONF [3:0] in the datasheet for details.)
  • User-adjustable I2C address to allow multiple sensors in your project (two I2C ADDR pins for four possible I2C addresses).

Wide-Range Triple-axis Magnetometer Dimensions:

  • Length: 23.0mm (0.9″)
  • Width: 19.2mm (0.8″)
  • Height: 2.8mm (0.1″)
  • Weight: 1.5g / 0.1oz


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