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Electronic Kits

Our extensive range of hobby electronic kits is put together to help you start creating. If you find the large number and variety of components overwhelming but want to get start learning  programming and electronics skills then these kits are for you. They consist of self-contained project starter kits which contain all the components you need to do either a specific project like a mini arcade game or is designed to let you practice a specific skill like one of our soldering kits.

We have a huge selection of projects to choose from and we have kits great for kids, workshop projects and more. We stock hobby electronic kits and products from SparkFun, Adafruit, Arduino and our own! Struggling with any of our electronics kits? We offer free technical support, just contact us!

SparkFun micro:arcade kit for micro:bit v2.0 Lighthouse Soldering Kit - beginner soldering kit
SparkFun micro:arcade kit for micro:bit v2.0 Lighthouse – Beginners Soldering Kit

Running out of ideas?

If you’ve gotten hooked by our hobby electronics kits and want to try getting all the components together on your own but are struggling with ideas you can always check out our blog, YouTube channel and academy for inspiration. Our academy also contains courses to help you get started with basic engineering skills.

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