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Wearable Technology

This exciting field of technology has evolved rapidly in the last few years with many new components being developed. Wearables or e-textiles are electronic systems and devices which are worn on or close to skin. Some recent examples include more well known items like smart watches and fitbits as well as more subtle technology like batteries that charge using waste energy from your body.

We have a wide selection of components suitable for use in wearables for data collection or e-textiles for cool costume design. We stock a range of high-quality devices including SparkFun’s great LilyPad line as well as Adafruit and more. If you’re looking to make a new cosplay outfit to look great in or you’re looking to jazz up your next fashion project for school or university, we’ve got the components you need. Our catalogue contains a variety of wearables including microcontroller boards, heating pads, LEDs and more, all of which are designed to be stitched on to an item of clothing. If you need to connect systems all over your project but are going for that inconspicuous look, we also stock conductive thread which is designed for just that application.

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